Welcome to the Club!

A modern take on the traditional CSA to give you more control over your choices of vegetables you take home each week and to give me more time to make it happen for you.

This is how it works:

I’ll be utilizing the eGift card system from Squareup (no paper or plastic to waste or keep track of) to track your account and purchases. Each of your purchases will be applied to your account (paid for with your eGift card) using your email address or phone number.

Which means it cost you nothing if you can’t make it…no more forfeited or donated shares.

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I still don’t want to lose sight of the features of the traditional CSA though. So for those who don’t have time to shop or who really enjoy the surprise and challenge of a preselected collection of produce, you can grab one of the Veggigo Bags instead.

Two sizes, fully loaded with a variety of top quality veggies ready for you to grab & go.

Or maybe you want to experience both the ability to choose and grab & go. For that, you can pre-order from our online store.  (More on ordering dates and deadlines later.)

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 Memberships are available in $100 increments and use the promo code CLUB2018 to get a 10% discount on your membership.

Instant savings!


If you can’t or don’t want to buy for the entire season up front, start with a $100 or $200 membership and re-load when your balance gets low.

A veggie loving couple can expect to spend $400 to $700 on fresh veggies in a three-month growing season. An individual will spend $300 to $500 in the same three months.

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 So why would you buy a membership instead of simply coming to the Farmer’s Market or shopping online and buying what you want then?

Remember the instant savings I mentioned earlier? Get an instant savings of 10%!

Receive notification of special offers and additional discounts available to members only.

Your account expires only when the balance runs out. Any balance left on your account at the end of the season can be used next year. 

Seriously discounted admission fee to any farm events (I’m planning a late summer BBQ for this year).

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 Veggigo Club or not, from my farm you’ll get fresh, wholesome, naturally grown veggies every time.

And remember, even though you can purchase your Veggigo Club membership anytime during the season, doing so in the pre-season months will help and support me to get your veggies started and growing in time.

10%PROMO CODE –––– CLUB2018


I’m looking forward to this new and exciting CSA format and meeting up with returning members and getting to know new members.